Dunny Series 2013 (6/14 Release)

Dunny Series 2013 invites you to tour the tent, point & wonder, and behold a collection of freaks for the geek you didn’t know you were. Artists from off the beaten path and the road less traveled lure you to embrace the strange and scary. Featuring 20 designs across 14 artists, each artist applies his or her custom style to bring fantastic, eccentric and sometimes downright frightening designs to homes and shelves throughout the world.


The New Regime (TNR)

We got that Forever tee in the shop. The New Regime (TNR) is a collective of artisans, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers. Our membership requires active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act upon beliefs. TNR defines FAMILY as the root of our strength and enforces a brotherhood of equality between members. We are camouflaged within our communities as free-willed individuals…but WILL unveil ourselves as a unified and immovable force when summoned.